solidworks exploded view assembly

In exploded views you can: Evenly space exploded stacks of … If you can, then they should be individual components. I brought in a step file consisting of 12 parts. Description. You can access the copied exploded view only after you activate the target configuration. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. How to create an exploded view Step 1: Open up your Solidworks Assembly document 2. Performance Metrics for high speed RAM kits? Hire me for any SolidWorks project How to make exploded view | in SolidWorks | Assembly? this is how the exploded configuration is added - it was originally done in an older version of SW. Not sure why you're getting assemblies with no individual part. And I change my view if the part needs to be, say, setup on it’s end for better assembly. You can then suppress to your heart content in the new config and the explosion will work exactly the same asa the other config minus the suppressed parts. Activate and explode the exploded view and show assembly annotations. How to create an exploded view using Solidworks 1. I hide the components that aren’t relevant and explode those that are in a natural assembly format. With SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional, animating exploded views is now easier than ever. If it is a serious of multibodies coming in, before you open the STEP file, go to options button (in the open file dialog) and check "Import multi-bodies as parts". A well done exploded view will also help in the understanding of how the entire assembly fits together. Hey Guys, I am trying to create an exploded view for a console design being the short story. An exploded view shows an assembly's components spread out, but positioned to show how the components fit together when assembled. this should work. Press the Space bar, or choose the View Orientation button at the top of the graphics view. If I modify the exploded line sketch I will have the same problem. Exploding an assembly view in SolidWorks can make all the difference when trying to show every component involved in the making. Modify explode values or directions as required: Option. Select the Exploded View feature in the Assembly toolbar. It can wow customers while also giving them an understanding of what goes into your product. Any chance if you can upload the file to check. It's a little fussy about where you hover the mouse over the new config as you drag the exploded view but you'll see a little green arrow when you're in the right place. It is much easier to find and in addition it is usually a good thing to split the large assembly into subassemblies. If I edit an exploded step to add/remove features, other exploded steps move back to a previous position. Right-click the drawing view and click Properties. In the ConfigurationManager , right-click a configuration name and clickNew Exploded View. The Exploded View tool in SolidWorks is an invaluable resource that you will learn how to use in this online tutorial. You create exploded views by selecting and dragging parts in the graphics area to create an explode step. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. Regular views when drafting assemblies work great for getting an overall picture of the end result; however, sometimes you may need to view parts of that assembly close-up to understand how everything fits together. So here are my tips and tricks on how to make a exploded view simple and easy. Alternatively, to display any of these drawing views in an exploded state, you can: Right-click the drawing view and click Show in Exploded State. under import option you can check the box and you should get the parts. Next select the 3D Views tab at the bottom of the screen. Performance Metrics for high speed RAM kits? You can modify the import options to import as indivitual part files. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Also, maybe you could use more than one exploded view. The explode line sketch is a type of 3D sketch. Each exploded view in the assembly must have a unique name. To open the Explode PropertyManager: Click Exploded View (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Exploded View. Not sure why you're getting assemblies with no individual part. First, we’ll open up an assembly containing a combination of three parts – a single sheet metal chassis, a single cover, and 16 rivets. I have parts mated to a hole that's axis is at an odd angle and want to show them in an exploded view. Odd, suppressing in the exploded view and leaving unsuppressed in the parent view works just fine in SW2011 SP05. The Explode PropertyManager appears when you create or edit exploded views of assemblies. As you can see I have a configuration table to show different items for different configurations I was hoping I could do the same thing with the exploded view but this does not appear to be the case? I’ll use the lamp model below as an example: To reuse an exploded view follow these steps: Create an… ... Search 'Showing Explode Lines in Exploded Views' in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base. Next, we’ll create the Exploded View for this assembly. Results. Else save the assembly as Part file (File > Save As > Set the type as Part). In the PropertyManager, the components appear in Explode Step Components . If you create a new config, then make the default config active again, you can drag the explview1 to the new config. You can only have one exploded view per fi ti Confidential Information configuration. Exploded views make it easy to see all the parts in an assembly as well as show how components fit together. SolidWorks Exploded View Drawing Tutorial | SolidWorks Bill of Materials Tutorial | SolidWorks Balloons in Drawing. Linking Matlab and Solidworks using ActiveX. An animated exploded view is a fantastic way to present your design. Note: Exploded views are related to and stored in configurations. I am trying to create an exploded view for a console design being the short story. Click Insert> Exploded View. Select the first eight rivets in the component tree to the left of the screen. SolidWorks: Exploded Views with Multi-Body Parts in 6 Steps Elliot Weber, Hawk Ridge Systems. Other Assembly Techniques: Large Assemblies: Detecting Problems: Configurations: ... You can use an explode line sketch to manually add an explode line to an exploded view. Solidworks allows the bursting of already exploded subassemblies that help you when using this feature. Orient the view to the Front, Top, Right, and Isometric views and use the Capture 3D view button to create and name each view. An Exploded View is used to communicate your design or drawings in a more proper and precise way. When I make an exploded view and I have to modify positions later sometimes the parts will "bounce back" to their original position after modifying other stuff. In the PropertyManager, the bodies appear in Bodies of the exploded step . I am wondering if I need to delete the entire exxploded view and start on the view again? The source configuration must be active to copy the exploded view. If you have sub-assemblies you'll need to create configurations for them also and change their configuration state in the configuration of the main assembly. ... SOLIDWORKS welcomes your feedback concerning the presentation, accuracy, and thoroughness of the documentation. Please use "advanced editor" in case you want to attach any files. How do I change the axis direction for an exploded view? see the attached image. Step 4: Select components to drag the parts … Hi Robert, As John and Deepak have eluded to it's the responsiblity of the exporting program to save the assembly as a set of parts.

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