rocky mountain race week rules

Already there was one engine rebuild back in Tulsa, with “Red Hat” Scotty and his maroon Fox Mustang slamming the new long block back between the fenders during an all-night thrash before making it to Topeka. As the sun set, the course was closed for half-hour as Royce’s Mustang dumped oil, managing to pedal through the slick trail as it ran over its own fluid, but it was like trying to close a the dam during a monsoon. I'm curious, I am going to turn that question back to you. It’s not unusual for a drag race to have one or two scattered motors, but in endurance drag racing events like Rocky Mountain Race Week 2.0, they become routine later in the week. rocky mountain summer series class rules. 2011 2012 2013 AMATEUR RACE REPORTS ATV ATV Pro-AM ATV RIDERS.COM BEAU BARON BOBBY GARRISON Buffalo Bills Casino DAVID HAAGSMA DIRT WHEELS MAGAZINE DUSTIN NELSON ERIC YORBA Featured GARY SUTHERLIN Glen Helen Raceway JOE COLOMBERO JOSH FREDERICK JUSTIN SEEDS LAKE HAVASU CITY AZ MAXXIS MIKE SLOAN motocross motorcycles MOTOWORKS offroad … RACE INFO | PAYOUTS | CLASS RULES | CONTENDERS | SPONSORS. When Brian is not writing, you … Watch this 56-mile Buick Grand National get a much-needed pampering, Spool’s errand: Fighting sameness with boost and bravery, Chip Foose reimagines the iconic Jaguar E-type, Chip Foose reinvents the 1966 Ford Bronco with street-savvy style, slammed Chevy ice cream van, got gapped by the Kona Ice truck, day by day highlights thanks to 1320 Video, A $23M Jeep customization facility is coming to Toledo, Chevrolet premieres C8 Corvette development documentary with Part 1: Design, Once-in-a-lifetime JDM barn find: 1973 Nissan “Kenmeri” Skyline GT-R. That's awesome! 2.0 will be 5. RMSS RACE-1 May 23. Given that this was the first pass, most runs were fairly conservative. Get A Better Fuel-Pressure Regulator From Fuel Injection Technology. True Street was called to the lanes first, so that the bulk of the field could knock out their runs. Big Bore Group; Small Bore Group; Formula Cars ... comply with the rules and regulations from the various governmental agencies that oversee public safety and health. Let’s get into it. Despite having come back from the torched head and creeping up on the Outlaw Street class, Robert Williams had a tiny steam vent leak that sidelined several attempts at a second pass. Thanks to Cole Reynolds for his photography. Given the bleak outlook regarding events in general this past spring and summer, folks were happy to see their extended racing family and, naturally, newcomers were hardly strangers once they shared the stories of their builds. Earl’s new Hook and Loop Insulation Is A Game-Changer. But first, flip through the mega gallery of Race Week action here. But in a strange twist of luck, it had seuzed itself in the bore in a perfect spot that kept it away from the cam lobes, yet still in the correct spot to pass oil through the galley. (Words: Donnie Andrade/Photos: Billie Lou Philp) As everyone is pulling into Denver to kick off 1320 Video – Rocky Mountain Race Week 2020 at Bandimere Speedway tomorrow morning, we wanted to share some of the RMRW stories of Jim and Billie Lou Philp. After trading a few runs, Tom and Royce were within eight thousandths of a second of each other for their best ETs on Day 2, keeping the old-school Mustang’s blower square in the OnStar-equipped mirror of Tom’s ZL1. Well, we made it to Kearney, Nebraska, now it's time to TURN THESE THINGS UP! The morning homecoming was swift, as the compact five-day format started competition runs that first evening, leaving available test-n-tune time to the lucky few who weren’t slamming their projects together at the last minute. Not that it was especially fast, but who would think that with a janky wet-spray nitrous kit, sticky tires, and an impact wrench-assisted diet of body and interior parts that a tired Grand Marquis could knock down a stock modern sports car? As the sun set, the course was closed for half-hour as Royce’s Mustang dumped oil, managing to pedal through the slick trail as it ran over its own fluid, but it was like trying to close a the dam during a monsoon. Lanes filled up with the various class cars, staging the week’s biggest battles for Unlimited, Pro Street, Limited Street, Outlaw Street, Rowdy Radial, Ultimate Radial, Hot Rod, Gasser Stick Shift, NA Big-Block and NA Small-Block. And I see both sides of it — they want the crazy cars and the drama and all that goes with it,” he says. But, it survived the hit and drove back to the hotel where they eventually made repairs. Royce’s maniacal, screw-blown Mustang offered an interesting juxtaposition against the Tom’s relatively sedate twin-turbo Camaro ZL1 (which still had functioning A/C, nav, and OnStar). The two big guns, Royce Payten and Tom McGilton, came from different sides of the endurance drag racing fence. Few reflected that on-kill attitude more than the John Dodson-tuned Camaro driven by Aaron Shaffer. Skip to content. We were greeted with an all-volunteer team that rescued the air field and its historical drag strip in 1993. The inflow was a mixture of tow-rigs trailering Race Week weapons, with a handful crazy enough to drive from across the country with the vehicle they were also racing, meaning that mistakes had very real consequences as far as getting home. The anxiety was in the air as the fleet left for SCRA that night. Rules are simple, street … The staging lanes became packed with antsy drivers looking to throw down some of their first passes, while others were starting to chase a number in order to get ahead in the class. The first race of the season will be a 5km skate race. Still, the tired backup motor secured Tom’s second Rocky Mountain Race Week win this year with a wicked-quick average ET of 7.2816, adding a nice $30,000 bonus to the year’s earnings. Press J to jump to the feed. Monday was the first drive day, a relatively short jaunt to Topeka, Kansas and Heartland Park. Organizers broke out index classes for cars slower than 10.0 seconds, while consolidating many of the classes that are defined by chassis details into simpler powerplant- and tire-size-based classes. This allowed the Drag Weekers to fall into competitive classes without significant changes to their machines, and vice-versa for Race Weekers who may have ended up at the big show. become a sponsor. Street Race minimum racing weight increased to 3,200 pounds. Racing began promptly 4:00 PM, with all 10 staging lanes packed full of candy-colored street machines. rules Oil downs were becoming more common as abused motors hit their breaking points. The person that finishes with an average ET closest to the index wins. The intent is to go forward with the race weekend and plans are still being formalized to ensure the safety of all participants. Many cars were making their first-ever passes in anger, however. With Drag Week being cancelled, Matt immediately started looking for tracks willing to open up and has spent the last few days getting everything set and ready to rock. Race Week 2.0 competition once again kicked off at a steady trickle as teams slowly funneled into the track after the 300-plus mile road trip to Great Bend. You are required to make at least one full pass at each track. Randal Reed continued whittling down to an 8.504, but Aaron Shaffer had found the missing hundredths he needed to enter the fight thanks to a 8.509 pass that began to pull him from the back of the pack.

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