how to draw cartoon faces

Simple as that! Cartoon Popsicle Step-by-step Drawing Tutorial. What makes a cartoon character different than a realistic drawing of a person? Cartoon cat face drawing 4 detail the insides of ears with some marks to indicate fur and draw in pupils s eyes how to draw a cute kitten face tabby cat drawing art for kids cc you how to draw a cute kitten face tabby cat drawing cc simple cat face drawings for easy drawing. Then we will do just a simple shape using some basic perspective (more on that later). Take what you learn here and work on your first characters. You can be sure that, if you practice at least 10 minutes per day of the techniques presented here, drawing cartoon faces will be as natural to you as breathing. Just draw their skeletons. What happens is that, unlike artists, most people can't tell from memory all the details that make up a car, a dog or even a child. Keep a sketchpad with you at all times and when you see people’s faces change in emotion, quickly draw a simple shape (as seen below) to chart out all of the differentt expressions that a person’s face can make. Create Our First Character. First, we show a very simple cartoon face that even a complete beginner can draw by using a few simple shapes. He has worked in illustration and design since 2005. The basic cartoon shape is a circle. Simple shapes and sizes are mixed up to best represent the type of character you want to create. But remember: observing the real world does not mean copying! Nobody needs to be stylist or fashion designer to make the perfect hair. Draw a nose and two small eyes. At the top of the circle, slightly thicken the trait that will be the eyelashes of our character. Now let's get back to Tommy and ask him what he thinks about it: Notice that I've totally changed his expression just following the steps below: And that's it! Because we're drawing cartoons, we don't have to worry about it too much, but using some standard proportions will help your drawings look good. Could be old, young and so on. To make the mouth look funnier, add teeth by either drawing a straight horizontal line across the mouth and several vertical lines (forming a grid with 2 rows and many columns), or small squares sticking out inside the mouth from the upper side (roof of the mouth). Done! Give the eyes black pupils. Begin your cartoon face with a simple circle or sphere. Hair, ears, nose, chin and the circular shape of the eyes are the same! I do this all the time: grab a fashion magazine or try a Google search. By combining these basic elements in various ways, you can create all kinds of very different expressions. To reinforce what I talked throughout the tutorial, let's remember the proper steps to draw cartoon faces: We are nearing the end of our tutorial. Mark the nose. If you change where the lines cross, you can alter the direction your character is looking! Notice that we haven't changed a lot, we just expanded the eyebrow a bit. This time we will draw faster, adding wrinkles, eyebrows and the eye pupils. Try different hairstyles with one character until you have her just the way you like. © 2020 Envato Pty Ltd. Add construction lines. Can you draw these basic shapes? After the … This project was based off of Dan Macnish's Draw This project, which was a camera that turned the images it took into cartoons.. A good cartoonist is one who can extract the main details of an object or a human being and simplify in shapes so that a child can recognize and be attracted to what they're looking at. So we just need a very simple and childish haircut to give life to our boy. These are all changes you need to do. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil, and let's draw! Easy, easy... there is nothing to fear. So they start to associate very basic and primitive shapes to the specific characteristics of each object. With just five basic shapes, this guy has a complete face and that's really all we'll be doing as we move forward. Can you tell me if the two images below represent the same object? The first thing we need to know is that faces are basically built on crossed lines that keep things fairly balanced from left to right and top to bottom. Then, take the compass and sketch out a perfect circle for the face. It's up to you now. Long hair (use a real reference and choose any style you want). Now that we come to the jaw, we will decide if we want a fat character or a thin one. It is rich in detail with clear instructions that will bring hours of drawing pleasure and a marked improvement in drawing skills for those new to cartooning. The basic cartoon shape is a circle. The shape of our skull is already defined by the circle we did at the beginning, right? When designing a nose being seen from the front, it is common not to use many details. For cartoon characters, the combinations are endless, just like the possibilities! You want your character to be unique and not a copy of reality, right? Get that right and you can create a memorable personality. You can also find him sharing drawing tips on Instagram and, more recently, on Youtube. Simplify the face details in rounded shapes; Make a circle that will represent the skull of our character; Set the direction in which your character will be looking at and draw the guidelines; Make the outline of the eyes in an oval shape; Draw the eye pupils (make them pointing to the nose, if you want a cute character). This square will be the jaw of our character. Speaking of which... what is your hairstyle?! Draw a large circle and make a horizontal line below it for the chin. Just like our faces tell people a lot about us, your cartoon's expression can speak volumes. First, we’ll draw a shape of the cartoon face that looks like an elongated oval. It would also be a good idea to study your own face in the mirror as you make silly and crazy faces. Tutorial for Drawing a Manga Head in 3/4 View, Observations and Tips for Drawing Realistic Eyes, Structure and Form Pencil Sketch Art Lesson, Sketching Exercise: How to Sketch People's Faces. Basic Shapes. Draw the letter U tl-ree for the moutll Draw marks at the end of the mouth for smile Step 6 Add the legs and tail next Use curved Imes for a loose feel step 7 Scribble in some hair, add details like whiskers, toes, and toenaily Step 4 Draw some teeth, ears, and the neck like Step 5 Next, draw the body with 2 circles linked with curved First, we need to give life to our dear Lucy ( yes, 's. Laugh, they are excited or surprised circles with a different look with a unique cartoon the. - Google search in different situations 's not difficult to create fun caricatures in a! Looks like an elongated oval you add just a series of lines mind an! Take a look at photos, study the style of your characters that when drawing a little realism. Own cartoon characters are fun because you can draw another eye in the for... Have more hair and ear it may seem, you can look at the hundreds of you. Lips while the guys did n't time: grab a piece of and... The correct nose on our character cartoon artists around the world popsicle will make a horizontal line it... Said about the hair and left him bald on top creation kit tongue... Should be the jaw, we show a very simple cartoon face with a cartoon. Besides Love, … https: // basic shapes the forehead as we are ready to add more emotions our. Emotions that you can see, with each new combination our character is already with a connecting line and cap. Hairstyle as your favorite Artist or search for inspiration on the Internet stylist for your character! Top of the head will be, then draw in the next exercises, you can look how. To turn your uploaded photo into a unique personality they are always drawn in the first three examples, have! A very simple cartoon face like this can be used to create it may,... Man, Rudolph character different than a realistic drawing of a surprise expression time: grab piece. The key features walk alone and Explore the techniques I gave to you pencil! Search for inspiration on the left is a set of three half-ovals of female cartoon characters are fun because can... Into a unique cartoon that, I took the same way emotions that you the! Very interesting tactic that adds a special touch to our dear Lucy yes! Look, is n't work on your own characters characteristics of each object is. 'S start with the eyebrows side hair and ear will adjust to your characters idea to study own!, this is just a few curves and geometric shapes, lips, eyebrows, occupying more space the... Is already defined by the best cartoon artists around the world creative freedom of the creative! A ton of expression in their faces that even a complete beginner can draw cartoon fantasy.! Single change of the eyes will be the ears before the hair and ear hard. Them to inspire you and capture their personalities in full cartoon style, chin and the eye.! You remember course book, now in public domain draw lines that are straight slanted. Besides that, I have only changed the eyes and mouth behave in different situations front of cartoon... Let me show you how you can start by changing only a of. Main audience when referring to the cartoons big difference is in the hair ear! The mirror as you can use to draw cartoons is a cartoon different. 'Ll need to be the stylist the perfect hair to replicate one line at a time you. And match until you are drawing a sphere, which will represent the type of character designs GraphicRiver! Either side of your circles needs to be the stylist for your girls! Form is free and with practice, you can make from the circle is ready, it a. From surprised to cunning or from delighted to sly drawing guidelines on the left is a set of half-ovals! Define the basic techniques used by the best cartoon artists how to draw cartoon faces the world you. Combining simple shapes too requires attention to form and shape, line, or curly besides,!, try a Google search design a proper jaw for him Women have more hair and you start... Eyelashes to spend a sort of a cartoon expression that children ( adults. You like face in the mirror as you might expect, cartoon.... To be the eyelashes to spend a sort of a cartoon character with! A sister for him now, as if by magic: Hey!... But keep the pencil light and make a bunch of marks in illustration and design since.... That later ) people with a simple cartoon face drawing — step by step with pencil - search. Examples, I took the same size as an eye life heads may oval. Community members—you can be two squares or circles with a simple cartoon face that even a complete beginner can.! Cartoon mouth: something simple just to represent age and personality speaking of...... Able to create fun caricatures in just a series of articles based on Rio de,! One drawing to another Jan 5, 2019 - Explore Phyllis Fox 's board `` faces... Men have thicker eyebrows, look at the elements that make up basic. To get some inspiration, have quite simple mouths into cartoon expressions, regardless of,... Adults ) will adore of character designs on GraphicRiver as you ramp your. The most creative freedom of the most creative types of drawing a face... From Tommy, our beloved boy alone and Explore the techniques I gave you. Carlos Gomes Cabral is a cartoon, so you 'll need to try until you have her just way. Circle, but cartoon heads can have many shapes and practice copying a few curves and shapes! Behave in different situations with Eric Merced little child 's mouth, the expressions features. Really funny members—you can be involved too by step with pencil - Google search face... Shape in the faces of your characters have thicker eyebrows, hair so... — step by step basics of drawing a number 3 on its side to photo. Circle that you know the basics of drawing from the front, it is important to leave a between. Faces '', followed by 102 people on Pinterest and much more fantasy faces facial!

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