Mobile Barbeque Trailers

DeLish Catering can serve your needs with our mobile BBQ stations. We have two, so each mobile barbeque trailer is independent of itself and can cook meals for up to 350 people.

Our BBQ grill and oven is designed to cook the food while leaving the flavor and moisture in the meat.

Best for use in large outdoor events, such as corporate picnics, or western-style buffets. We can take them to your location and cook the food right in front of you.

Our catering trailers can reach most remote locations in our beautiful forests, parks, and beaches.

The safe and easy way to barbeque. Don’t use a BBQ pit! Let us do it and we’ll take the mess home with us!

For the best mouth-watering steak you’ve ever had, please call us to reserve one or both of our mobile BBQ trailers.